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Farmers Heritage Financial is a leading provider of Asset Management and Risk Management.  Farmers Heritage makes it our goal to be your most comprehensive, competitive and clear choice when choosing a farm land investment and risk management partner.


Simply put, the only asset Farmers Heritage Financial manages is Farm Land. Farmers Heritage is a full service land management provider and offers the risk management tools to protect the investor and the investment.  We feel strongly that implementing a successful risk-management plan is critical to your prosperity and peace of mind.


Our asset management services are specifically designed to meet your individual goals and objectives.  From increasing  income to preservation of assets and family wealth, Farmers Heritage is an innovator of sound investment strategy and believes it is a privilege to help our clients meet and exceed those expectations.


Farmers Heritage Financial has positioned itself very uniquely by creating relationships with a regional seed company and a craft distillery. By creating these relationships, we are able to add additional value to every acre of production, thus increasing our investors ROI.






Best of Both Worlds

Farmers Heritage provides you the best of both worlds – the industry best practices of the largest market leaders  plus the individual attention of a privately-owned company.

Committed to Your Success

Our passion and experience allows us to provide each client considerable insight into their current and future needs as we help guide them in the decision making process.  The Right Relationship.  The Right Decision.  Peace of Mind.

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